Film Title Sequence/

Sixteen Candles

The new movie poster design plays off of the the most iconic scene of the movie when Samantha Baker gives her panties to a geek. The overall image of the underwear is made up of individual vectors that hint at other memorable scenes and characters, such as exchange student Long Duck Dong and Jake’s dreamy convertible. The film title sequence is made up these same vectors and transition into one another. For example, it starts with the cake, zooms out, and then a bus runs over it. The FTS redesign plays off the happy moments followed by the sudden despair that often happens throughout the movie all while an upbeat “Happy Birthday” song plays in the background.

Film Title Sequence

Kinetic Type


Kinetic Type/


The following animation was a kinetic type project based off a puppet I made out of a fake flower basket named, Pauline. The introduction credits are meant to represent her back story. She comes from a dark and sad place (the flower basket was thrown away when I found it) and blooms into a beautiful world as a bright flower (after I sewed her together).


CE Nano

The creation of CE Nanos was for a branding project about an invention that would change the world. My invention was Cycle Endoven Nanorobotics. The idea was that anyone that needs regular blood work checks, such as those with diabetes. These patients would get one injection a year with the nanorobotics which constantly monitor your blood levels and sends regular updates to a mobile app on your phone. This solution keeps patients from missing their regular blood checks and could save lives.