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13 Reasons Why Dust Jacket

Ankylosing Spondylitis: A Comprehensive Patient's Guide

For this redesign I took the key elements of the story line and integrated them into the overall cover design. I mostly focused on the concept of the cassette tapes and what they represented. The hand written note describing the synopsis represents one of the reasons why she took her own life. The title is custom hand lettering to look like the black tape of the cassette because her message, all the reasons why, are translated through the tapes. All of the individual elements seen on the the cover were individually made, and then staged together to take one cohesive photo that required minimal editing.

Many patients are too often left confused and feel lonely upon being diagnosed with a lifetime disease or disorder. From my own personal experience with a chronic auto-immune disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS), I know this frustration all too well. I wanted to create a tool that would help patients understand this disease, give doctors a resource to turn to for explaining this disease, and a way for family and friends to learn how to help loved ones battling AS. This design is based off of the VARK learning styles, which aides in communicating this complex information to a variety of people that learn and understand new material differently.

Collaborative Book & Font/

Feeding Them Lies

Feeding Them Lies was a collaborative project about the lies and myths of the food industry. During this project my parter Megan Seirra and I took all original photography, made original illustrations inspired by satire/political comics, and created a custom type face called “Meatface”. The type was created by shaping raw ground hamburger meat into letter forms and glyphs which was then photographed and vectored. Part of the education section of this book we conducted our own guerrilla marketing of sorts by changing labels on products at the store, making new signs, or posting signs for awareness. These were set up, photographed, and left so that the public could find them and become aware of the hypocrisy and myths of the food industry. We also promoted these on Instagram with #feedingthemlies.

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Metro Playing Cards

The Metro playing cards were a collaboration between myself and Savannah Gibbs, as well as a crowd source project for and by a non-profit organization. Each illustration used was created by the youth group at the Metro House in St. Petersburg, FL. We wanted to create something that represented the teens and what is important to them and their identity such as their makeup, wardrobe, music, and hobbies. They are a fun loving and energetic group of kids that love to play games; a perfect fit for playing cards.

Ankylosing Spondylitis Book

Book Cover Re-Design

Collaboration Book & Font

Crowd Sourced Project